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mad trapper

The Mad Trapper 12-Hour

Snowshoe Backyard Ultra

Here's the plan for the March 5, 2022 8am Mad Trapper 12-Hour Snowshoe Backyard Ultra.

It's going to be just a slightly different format this year.

Generally speaking the rules are the same. The race begins at 8am and we'll (yes "we" as I'll be participating - for a little while - this year) snowshoe run a clockwise 5k loop on the "flattest" trails I can muster here.

** For those of you who want to "sleep in" and know you'll never come close to completing 12 laps, I'm also allowing a 10am start. So the maximum number of laps you'll be able to do is 10. Just sign up and send me an email advising me of your 10am start intention.

The goal is to finish the lap within the hour and be back in the start corral again at the top of the hour.

So at 9am, racers will line up again for a counter-clockwise loop.

On even hours we'll run clockwise. On odd hours we'll run counter-clockwise.

But this race will not necessarily be a "race without end". 

This event is capped at 12 laps or 60k. In last snowshoe ultra we had here only 1 person was able to run more than 12 laps.

If there are more than 1 racer in the corral for the 12th lap, then the race winner will be the timed winner of that final lap!

This is the working course for now. I'll hike/run it a few more times to determine how accurate the distance is. There is a 300m (with a few feet of elevation) at the 3km that I could remove if needed.

Registration 411

For 2022 there is no application process. This race is first come, first entered.

However, we are capping this first event at 60 racers and past Mad Trapper participants were given early notification.

So, when we are sold out, we're sold out...   truth is, I'll be surprised if we have 10 racers here!

Entry Fees: $60