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mad trapper

The Mad Trapper Backyard Trail Ultra

For those unfamiliar with the Backyard Ultra format, racers are encouraged to run as many loops as physically and mentally possible. Each hour, on the hour, racers racers will take to the starting line. If they complete the loop in under an hour and can be at the start line at the top of the hour, they are welcome to challenge another loop of the course.

The race will continue until only 1 man/woman arrives at the start line. If he/she can complete the loop solo in under an hour, he/she will be crowned the winner, the "only one". Every other participant officially DNFs.

The course map below is pretty close to the final draft. Cal and I ran the loop this past Saturday with 4 different GPS devices. We got 5 different distances! But I'm confident it's close to 6.7km for the senior loop.

I've made the course as "easy" and "flat" as I possibly can given the terrain I have to work with.

Trails at The Ark are known for being relentless. They twist and turn. They go, they go down. There are generally few spots where runners can switch to autopilot and cruise.

This is why I've decided to offer 2 different loop options: 1) the standard Backyard Ultra distance of 6.71km and 2) the "Junior Loop" of ~5.5km.

Racers can choose which loop they prefer and are welcome to switch at any time.

Racers who start running the 6.7km "Senior" loop will be in contention for the Senior "Only One" win.

The last runner to finish a solo loop of the 6.7km loop will be deemed the winner, but then he/she can head back out to vy for the "Junior" win as well.

Regardless of the loop, runners will run the loops clockwise on "even" hours and counter-clockwise on "odd" hours.

This will help with some mental diversity and will change things up for you on the body punishment as well.

Runners will start running the trail loops from 6am until (including) 8pm. At 9pm, racers will start the out-and-back 6.7km gravel road section.

If you have any questions, go ahead and ask in the Contact Form. That link is in the menu at the top of the page.

Registration 411

For 2022 there is no application process. This race is first come, first entered.

However, we are capping this first event at 60 racers and past Mad Trapper participants were given early notification.

So, when we are sold out, we're sold out...

Entry Fees:

Early Bird: $100 CAD

Regular (begins April 1, 2022) : $125 CAD